Michele Versaci

Michele graduated from M.Arch. with Honors at Università di Catania, where afterwards he was Teaching assistant for a couple of years. His education has been integrated by a parallel educative path at Scuola Superiore of Catania, a high-excellence education institution. 

His research deals with temporary architectures and it is set up on emerging innovation. His origami-based pavilion, an experimental project designed at ETH of Zürich, has been awarded with several prizes and published in a number of journals magazines. His approach to architecture aspires to be a contamination between theory, different disciplines and new technologies.

The solid background acquired in a cutting-edge environment such as ETH allowed him to get in touch with internationally renowned offices. He worked abroad for a couple of years, firstly at EM2N Architekten in Zurich (2013) and then at Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos in Madrid (2014-15) where he developped the design of Arvo Part Centre in Estonia. 

Since 2015 he is been working in Italy. He covered for two years the position of Senior Architect at Carlo Ratti Associati in Turin (2015-17), managing the design process through the various phases and scales of a project. Now he is collaborating with PARK Associati in order to work on the design of a huge former industrial space for Luxottica.

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